Infernal Invasion Continues


«Scene: Lord Brentan and Princess Tara stand in a room with various Pactagonal Knights.»

Lord Brentan: As you know, Lore has been under attack for the past few months by a hostile horde of Infernals.
Lord Brentan: They hit Doomwood first. Then Darkovia, and then Shadowfall.
Lord Brentan: The home bases of the Paladins… the Vampires and the Lycans… and the Shadowscythe.
Lord Brentan: We don't know when, but it's a safe assumption that they're going to hit Swordhaven next.
Lord Brentan: And when they come, we will need to be prepared!
Lord Brentan: So!
Lord Brentan: Sir Pass! Make sure the citizens are aware of the danger, and enforce a curfew.

Sir Pass: Yes, my lord!

Lord Brentan: Sir Pent! Ready our army, and make sure they are prepared to mobilize on a moment's notice.

Sir Pent: Yes, my lord!

Lord Brentan: Sir Vivor! Arrange to begin fortifications on both the castle and the surrounding city.

Sir Vivor: Yes, my lord!

Lord Brentan: Sir Render!

«Screen changes to Sir Render, who is quaking in fear.»

Sir Render: Y-yes, my l-lord?

«Screen changes to Lord Brentan.»

Lord Brentan: You know what, never mind. Why don't you just wait in the throne room until this is all over.
Lord Brentan: Sir Junn! Bring me Warlic. I have a favor to ask of him.

«Scene fades.»

«In ShadowFall Castle's throne room, the Hero flickers while Gravelyn and Victoria watch on.»

Gravelyn: <Hero>!

Victoria: What's happening?

«Scene fades.»

«The Hero appears in the Swordhaven Castle.»

Hero: What?

«Warlic pokes his staff into frame.»

Hero: Hey!

«Screen zooms out to show Warlic standing next to the Hero.»

Warlic: Yes, <he/she>'s all in one piece. It seems to have worked!

Hero: What's going on? How did I get here?

Warlic: I summoned you to Swordhaven by honing in on your life energy.

Lord Brentan: You are here because we, and all of Lore, are going to need your help.
Lord Brentan: …Tara, maybe you should wait with Sir Render. I don't want you to be frightened.

Tara: I will not! I am King Alteon's Daughter, I do not run from danger, and I'm not going anywhere!

«The screen goes black.»

Tara: Hey!

«Two Pactagonal Knights drag Princess Tara off-screen.»

Sir Prize: Come along, little Princess.

Sir Rated: The grown-ups need to talk.

Tara: I am not a child! How dare you!

«Screen zooms back out. Tara is gone from the room.»

Lord Brentan: Sorry about that.
Lord Brentan: Look, this army of Infernals is not going to be easy to beat. It's a bit of a unique threat because-

Hero: Because of the celestial energy they're fighting with, right.
Hero: Though, Gravelyn held her own really well against them. She might be our answer.

Lord Brentan: I don't want to have to rely on the Shadowscythe.
Lord Brentan: The alliance is still in effect, but we need to be able to stand on our own.

Hero: I mean… SURE, but no one is really equipped to defend against it.

Lord Brentan: That's what I thought, too. But then I realized… I was wrong.
Lord Brentan: There is one group that excels at defending against the Celestials.

Hero: Really? Who?

Lord Brentan: The Infernals.

«Scene fades.»

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