Infernal Incursion


«Map of Lore, some islands around a blue swirl, The Celestine's hand is shown with a light globe, when another island appears, this one marked with a red rune»

Aranx: The glow you see is the pure energy of the Celestial Realm radiating from the spelled stone.

Hero: This will show us the location of the portal to the Infernal Realm?

The Celestine: Precisely. And this is what we stand to lose - this magic - if the infernals invade.

Aranx: They are… tainted. Corrupted. What they touch withers and dies…
Aranx: The Celestial Realm's protective magic will guard it for now, but —

Hero: We're going to have to cut them off at the source. This place is too beautiful to fall.

«Scene fades»

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