Indradeep Sharma

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Expert
I assumed you would appear here one way or another. I am Indradeep, an expert invited by the Crown to contribute to its effort to make medical advances. Yes, I am well aware of who you are. Stories of your achievements have spread beyond the borders of this continent. You seem busy at the moment, but if you have the time or need an ear, may we speak? I am interested in your experiences with Chaos.

I suppose I don't look much like the other researchers. All of the lab coats' sleeves were too tight for my arms. My specialization is in physiatry, primarily in treating and rehabilitating injuries. Granted, I have far less experience than my colleagues. Merely a couple of years. My partner was severely injured in the past, and I believe that there are ways to help him. That's my main reason for coming here.

Do you believe in redemption? The Swordhaven Crown seems to, for a price. If someone of your caliber were to switch allegiances, it would only require a fee. You provide too many advantages to deny. As for mere minions of the Empire, realizing their mistakes and paying a fee isn't enough. Many have come to Undine, undertaking extremely dangerous tasks so Swordhaven will give them amnesty.

Beneath this floor is the Twilight Zone. There, we research medicine and other ways to heal conditions that current methods, including magic, can't achieve. I know that fact very well…We don't usually receive patients for security reasons, except the Elemental Champions. Their injuries were severe, and even though Dr. Song worked for days straight, she could not completely heal the Nature Champion.


Note: Also see Undine Researcher.


Thanks to Duskveil and Tux47.

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