«Scene: the Hero and Scourge face off against Mogdring the Harvester in the moglin magic extractor»

Mogdring the Harvester: The two of you are stronger than I expected.

«Mogdring picks up Mort's container»

Mogdring the Harvester: It looks like I'm going to need..

«Mogdring starts glowing red»

Mogdring the Harvester: …some more POWER.

Twilly: Do you really think that's a good idea?

Mort: Shh! This is gonna be great.

«Mogdring explodes»

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Mogdring, without a suit, stands on the floor of the room with the Hero looking onward and Scourge nearby»

Hero: You're…a moglin?!
Hero: But then why are you harvesting moglin magic?
Hero: Don't you have your own? Shouldn't you know how it works?

Mogdring the Harvester: I am not from your dimension, fools!
Mogdring the Harvester: Where I am from, moglins don't have this kind of magic.
Mogdring the Harvester: If I can trace it to its source, then my master and I will become infinitely more powerful.

«Mort jumps into frame from the bottom and starts laughing»

Mort: Bah hah! Obviously NOT!

Mogdring the Harvester: A minor setback. I will find a way!
Mogdring the Harvester: I will harvest every moglin on Lore if that's what it takes!

«The Hero grabs Mogdring by the neck and lifts him up»

Hero: Did you forget how tiny you are without that suit on?
Hero: There's no way I'm going to let you-

«The room shakes and question marks appear over the Hero's head»

«A portal opens in the wall and Grim Prime jumps out»

Hero: Whoa. Who are you??

Mogdring the Harvester: Grim Prime!

«The Hero is knocked away by an explosion and Grim Prime grabs Mogdring»

Grim Prime: No.
Grim Prime: Moglin magic is too unstable. It cannot be used.
Grim Prime: It's already destroyed your mech.

«Grim Prime stands next to the open portal with Mogdring»

Grim Prime: Your ship won't last much longer.

«Grim Prime and Mogdring enter the portal»

Grim Prime: We must find another source.

«The portal closes, leaving the Hero and the moglins behind»

Hero: We've gotta get out of here! This place is about to blow!

Scourge: Quick! Through the teleporter!

«Everyone runs out»

«Scene fades»

«Scene: the Hero and the moglins in the cave»

Nugget: So… they're gone?

Hero: Yeah. I don't think they're even on this planet anymore.

Twilly: Thanks for the help, Scourge. Twilly may have been wrong about you.

Scourge: Ahhh, it was nothin'.

«Twilly and Scourge fist (nub?) bump»

Scourge: Can't stop the Undead Legion.

Twilly: Twilly just hopes they don't come back.

Nugget: Don't worry, They WON'T be back.

Zilla: Nugget and I already blew up the transporter in that cave.

Nugget: Spaceship. Whatever it was.

Zilla: And we're going to be sealing up that entrance!

Nugget: Moglins take no chances!

Mort: Yeah, well I'd like to see 'em try it. How dare they try to drain me like that?

Cupcake: You'd only get stuck in a cage with me again.

Mort: Oh, who asked you?

«Scene fades»

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