Inanitas' Quests

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Quest Location: Dragonrune Hall (Location)
Quests Begun From: Inanitas

Time to see if you are ready to be a Spellword Artifact Hunter! Find me this super specific rock… From a being made of rock!

Items Required:



Thanks to ShatteredReality.


Quest Locations:

Quests Begun From: Inanitas

Hello there, friend! Good to see you today. I brough some cake but a tiny blue Moglin ate it all before we could get to it… But that doesn't mean we dont have surprises in store for you! There's one area in particular that feels like home to me. The /timeinn. Have you been? The challenges, the rewards, it all feels so…familiar. Could you gather me something from there? I wish to take a closer look.

Items Required:

  • Ezrajal's Feather x1


  • 1,500 Gold
  • 6,000 Exp

You may also receive, at random:

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