DragonRune Spellsword
Hi, Hero! My name is Inanitas Lightborne and I'm from DragonRune Hall. Enrollment is down so Warlic sent me to "search for new pupils to learn the arcane arts." Honestly, I think he just wanted me to leave him alone and go faaaaar away.

You want to know more about me? (Wow, I haven't been asked this before! What do I say?!) Well, my origins are a mystery, but I was taken in by an amazing swordsman who taught me everything I know! After a couple of years, he went missing. I went looking for him but that journey unleashed my Evil side. But eventually I learned to control it. I don't deny that I have an Evil side, it's part of my past, but I will never again let it control my future!

Hey! I'm a Spellsword! Oh, you wanted to know more about them? Sure! Spellswords are more than just mages that swing weapons around! We harness the elements, make them solid, and use *that* as our weapon! It takes great skill and concentration! Ooo! Nice weapon you got there! Wait… What was I saying? Oh right! Right now i'm not taking any more students but maybe in the future Spellswords will get added to the game and I can teach you some tricks!

Oh… Dang it! Alina is going to make me pay to fix the wall I just broke…

- DragonRune
- Alchemy

Location: SkyTower Aegis


Thanks to rruurruu77.

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