In the Hands of the Waters


«Scene: Loremaster Maya and the Hero stand in front of a stone building on a spire. Wind blows.»

«Scene fades»

«Scene: the doors of the stone building open with a creak»

Maya: This is where we part ways, <Hero>.
Maya: As an initiate of the Loremaster Order, I must enter through a different door.
Maya: After having been away for so long, I must go through the proper ceremony…
Maya: Not to mention the debriefing. There is SO MUCH I have to tell them all!

«Scene: the Hero and Loremaster Maya»

Maya: I shall see you inside, once you pass through the Doors of Knowledge and go through The Exchange.

Hero: Am I supposed to give them these things I've collected, then? In exchange?

Maya: *laughs* No, they want your most valuable gifts… your knowledge.
Maya: And in turn, they will share with you something you value… information.
Maya: They know all. They guide some. They serve the one destined to save us all.

Hero: But then why didn't I -

Maya: Go now. Answers later. The doors have opened, and I am late for MY summons.

«Scene fades»

«The Hero runs through a burning wasteland»

Hero: How much more can the world stand? EVERYTHING is falling apart!
Hero: I hope the Loremasters can tell me more about this map, and give me an idea of where to start looking for the Queen.
Hero: Almost… there…

«The Hero sees a Loremaster standing in front of the doors of the stone building»

Dominus: Greetings, Noble One. You are expected.
Dominus: Come. Time is short, and the journey ahead of you is long. We must prepare you.

«Scene fades»

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