In Search of Tasty Booty


«Scene: Voltaire, the Hero, and Deady on a pirate ship. Voltaire and the Hero are holding map pieces.»

Voltaire: Great job, hero! It looks like we've found all the pieces of the Treasure Map.

«Voltaire attaches the map pieces»

Voltaire: …on second thought… it looks like we're missing one last piece!

«Mysterious shadow attacks the Hero»


«Shadow drops a candy corn bag with a Treasure Map piece»

«Deady picks it up»

Deady: The final piece of the Treasure Map!

Voltaire: Well that was convenient! I guess this Friday the 13th isn't so unlucky after all!

Pokedex Voice: Hargoyle, the Gargoyle Monster. Hunted for thousand of years by the Von Poach family.
Pokedex Voice: Hargoyle always manages to evade his captors.

Voltaire: Woah, wha is that?

Hero: Oh nothing. Just some copyright infringement doohickey.

Voltaire: Okay… well now that we've got the Treasure Map – and the newest member of our crew – it looks like we're ready to set sail!

Hero: You know Voltarie, it's Friday the 13th…

Voltaire: And what could possibly go wrong?! <laughs> Onwards to adventure!

«Scene: Voltarie's ship»

«Deady shows it to Voltaire»

Voltaire: Looks like we've got company! Let's give them a warm welcome. Fire cannons, Deady!

«Scene fades»

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