Impertinent Minx


«Scene: Drakath in front of Goldun»

Drakath: Yield, or we will kill you now.

Goldun: I yield! I yield…

Drakath: Do you see how much their loyalty is worth? I have broken it so easily.

Xang: Tee hee! We're scarier than Malgor!

Drakath: Take me to Malgor, filth. Let him see which of us was weak.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Malgor in a dark flame»

Malgor: Drakath.

«Scene: Goldun falls in front of Malgor»

Malgor: And Goldun.

«Scene: Malgor, Goldun and Drakath»

Drakath: He fell to me easily.

Malgor: And you think I will, too? Is that why you're here?

Drakath: No. I don't want to fight you.
Drakath: I'm here for the amulet.

Malgor: Ha, ha. Is that so? And why should I give it to you?

Drakath: I've defeated your general. I've proven my strength.

«Scene: Drakath and Xang kneeling»

Drakath: I am worthy of its power.

Malgor: So, you've changed your mind.
Malgor: I appreciate your eagerness for my approval. But you can stand up.
Malgor: I still don't trust you, Drakath.
Malgor: But come with me. Let's Talk.

Xing: You're right not to trust him.

«Scene: Xing appears behind Malgor's back»

Xing: He's actually working with <Hero>. They planned for you to take him back to your castle so he can steal the Amulet.

«Scene: Close up on Drakath»

Drakath: Impertinent minx!

«Scene: Close up on Xing and Malgor»

Malgor: And so the truth comes out.

Xing: Take ME with you instead.
Xing: I've been a Lord of Chaos. I can wield the amulet's power for you.

«Scene: Close up of Xang holding her hands against her mouth»

Xang: Xing! How could you?

«Scene: Xing and Malgor slowly fading away in Malgor's flame»

Xing: It's like I said before. I'm tired of letting him have all the power, Xang.
Xing: Come find me when you're ready to be your own woman.

«Scene: Xing and Malgor fade with the flame»
«Scene: Drakath and Xang»

Xang: Her own woman. Whatever. She's just replaced you with him!
Xang: Um… no offense!

Drakath: She doesn't matter! I still have you… and <Hero>, of course.
Drakath: She still thinks we're on her side. She'll help us get my amulet back.

Xang: You mean we're not?

Drakath: Come now, Xang. When have I ever been on anyone's side but my own?

«Scene fades»

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