Militia Leader
When Drakath became active again, he formed a militia - a vast army that will help him to defeat the Queen of Monsters and take his revenge. I know you have a history with him, but if you aim to stop the Queen, then we are on the same side. I can see that even if Drakath cannot.

Drakath is a fierce warrior and strong leader, and I am proud to serve at his side - to the extent that any agent of Chaos truly serves another.

Queen of Monsters
I would gladly serve her, too, if I believed she was a true avatar of Chaos. But she is not - at least, not from my perspective. She is but another form of oppression. Drakath has already learned this, and he WILL stop her.

Good and evil are two sides of the same coin, each serving an agenda that mirrors the other's. Chaos has no agenda, other than to balance the forces of order with disorder, thus breaking down the rigidity and control they seek to have over Lore. Chaos is true freedom; anything else is only restraint.

- Iaste's Quests
- Crownsreach Militia

Location: Crownsreach


Thanks to Harrison.

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