Iadoa (NPC)

Partially-Chaorrupted Chronomancer
Your first lesson begins now. Remember, nothing is ever what it seems, and sweet words may conceal bitter promises. No matter how strange your allies, so ling as you are all united, victory against any foe is possible! The Blue Portal will take you to the Temple of Hope, a place where despair cannot survive.

My constructs draw from the adventures of your Otherself, who lived in the timeline you are about to explore. In each classroom, you will meet a golem who gives your lesson. When you are done, they will answer some of your questions about everything that is happening to you.

Your Otherself has done much in the short time they have worked to save their home: battling a World-Devourer, working to keep harmony between the elements in Paxia, battling through the Dragonspine Mts to rescue an innocent, fighting as the world is torn by fire and ice, and taking on mysterious creatures. You have much to learn from them.

After completing the 'Proto-Chaos Beast Battle!' quest

Partially-Chaorrupted Chronomancer
You did well with your first lesson. We must still address those things your other Otherselves can teach you. But I fear those lessons may go harder on you. I am… *shudder* losing control. But I WILL stay strong until we are through. And please, my… friend… remember me to explain about Proto-Chaos Beasts when we next meet. *gasp* I cannot speak anymore now.



Thanks to Flitterifie, Shal and Tendou no Mazo.

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