I Wubbles You!


«Scene: Mr. Wubbles performing onstage»

Mr. Wubbles: SQUISHLES and SQUOOZLES and CHEER to ALL of my friends!
Mr. Wubbles: I'm Mr. Wubbles and I WUBBLES YOU SO MUCH!

«The curtain closes»

«Scene: Vesper with a maniac look on her face»

Vesper: Oh, Mr. Wubbles! I WUBBLES YOU,TOO!
Vesper: I can't believe I got to see him in person! HE'S SO CUTE!

«Vesper falls to the ground»

Vesper: I'm just so sad the show is over now.

«Screen pans up to the Hero»

Hero: Maybe we can go say hi to him backstage.

Vesper: Omigosh! Can we?

«Scene: Mr. Wubbles with his mask off - turns out he's a sneevil in a costume»

Vesper: He's just a guy in a suit!

Hero: I mean… yeah. You didn't know that?

Vesper: Look, I live in a world where MOGLINS are a thing. How am I supposed to know where the line is?

Hero: That's fair.

«Screen pans right to Valencia»

Valencia: Hmm.
Valencia: What if he WASN'T just a guy in a suit?

Hero: What do you mean?

Valencia: I think I have an idea. If Vesper wants Mr. Wubbles…we'll GIVE her Mr. Wubbles!

«Scene fades»

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