I Wish You Were Dead


«Scene: Ziri's gray beach»

Mysterious Figure: Ziri… when exactly did you kill <Hero>?

Ziri: Kill <him/her>? I did not say I killed <him/her>.

All except Pax: YES YOU DID!

Pax: I can only use canned chat.

Ziri: No… I said I made <him/her> DEAD!
Ziri: Like this… 'I WISH <Hero> WAS DEAD'

Xeight: That is so cheating…

Sekt: Yeah, I'm calling hacks.

Vaden: unbelievable… where i have failed… ziri has slain the hero and made <him/her> his undead servant!

Ziri: Not exactly…
Ziri: <Hero> is pretty darn resilient. So here is what happens next…

«Scene fades»

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