I Will Do My Best


«Scene: Jaaku attacks the Hero and Ai no Miko»

Hero: OK - it's possible I may have underestimated this guy!

Ai no Miko: You think??

«Jaaku attacks Miko»

Jaaku: Give up now! There's no way you can win.
Jaaku: Your light may be strong, but my shadow is stronger!

«Scene: Extreme close up of Miko's face»

Ai no Miko: No. I can't let you win.
Ai no Miko: I can do this. I AM strong enough.


«Dashi appears behind Miko»

Emperor Daisho: You can.

«Daisho empowers Miko, who blasts Jaaku's attack away»

Jaaku: Finish it.

Ai no Miko:
Ai no Miko: No.
Ai no Miko: That isn't who I am.
Ai no Miko: And it doesn't have to go that way. Surrender, and you can live.

«Scene: Close up of Jaaku, with his mask off»

Jaaku (thinking): Show your belly and beg for mercy? How weak she thinks you are!
Jaaku (thinking): And she is right.

You've failed…
What use do I have for you now?

«As shadows engulf him, Jaaku raises his weapon»

«Scene fades»

«Scene: the Hero, Miko, and Daisho's ghost in Shinrin Grove»

Hero: What happens now?

Ai no Miko: I don't know.
Ai no Miko: Jaaku is gone… but if you're right, then the threat still remains.
Ai no Miko: Perhaps it is time for Yokai to look for allies outside of this continent.
Ai no Miko: But Akiba is safe, and now those we lost can finally be at peace.

Emperor Daisho: Yes. The restless spirits will start to vanish, and will no longer trouble our people.

Ai no Miko: And you? Will you vanish, too?

Emperor Daisho: I will be here with you, in some form, for as long as you are alive to remember me.
Emperor Daisho: And I know you will protect our people, whatever takes.

Ai no Miko: I'm not so sure. But I'll do my best.

«Scene fades»

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