I'mma Stay Here



«Scene: Hero on Screen 5 talking to Memet»

Hero: Man, I don't get it! What do you even WANT?

Memet: I don't knoooooow.
Memet: Ugh, this sucks. My sense of time is all screwed up. I feel like I've been in this nightmare for EVER.

Hero: Maybe you should try getting out of bed, then.

Memet: Dude, no way! It sucks out there.
Memet: I'mma stick with my blankie and coffee and CANNIBAL MERMAIDS, thank you.

Hero: Sigh. I give up.

«Aurelio Voltaire appears on the screen»

Aurelio Voltaire: No… don't give up YET. I have an idea!

«Scene fades»

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