I Made This Choice


«Scene: Dage the Evil stands in front of a defeated Underfiend»

Dage the Evil: It’s over… you’ve lost.

Underfiend: And now you’ll cleanse my soul, and have me back at your side?
Underfiend: That won’t change anything.
Underfiend: I made this choice. And you’ll find a lot of others have done the same.
Underfiend: I’m not the only familiar face you’ll find fighting this war.

«Dage lifts the Underfiend up by the neck»

Dage the Evil: I see.

«Dage stabs the Underfiend»
«Scene fades»

Dage the Evil: In that case…

«Scene: Dage with the Hero standing behind him»

Dage the Evil: A shame. I hate to lose such a strong strategist.

Hero: What do you think he meant - that he’s not the only familiar face here?

Dage the Evil: I don’t know.
Dage the Evil: But I suspect we’ll find out soon.

«Scene fades»
«Scene: An army of Malgor's soldiers»

???: We strike now.
???: The Legion’s forces have been softened up for us.

«Scene fades»
«Scene: Nulgath»

Nulgath: And they won’t be expecting another attack so soon.

«Scene fades»

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