I'm Still Here


«Scene: the Mirror Grand Inquisitor's armor lies on a heap on the ground. Enn'tröpy looks at it surprised.»

Enn'tröpy: You BEAT him?! HOW? HOW did you defeat him!?

«Close-up of Enn'tröpy»

Enn'tröpy: Although… I'm still HERE, aren't I?
Enn'tröpy: I guess I didn't need to keep him alive, after all.
Enn'tröpy: You should take note of that Polish!

«Scene: Murry»

Murry: The planet falls apart into dust, but the sun yet remains.

«Scene: Enn'tröpy»

Ha, ha, ha… ha… h a…

«Enn'tröpy fades away, and his robes fall onto the ground»

Polish: I guess he spoke too soon.

…h a …ha… ha HA HA!

«Enn'tröpy reappears as a spirit and reforms the Mirror Grand Inquisitor's armor around himself»

«The Hero and Polish are shocked»

Hero: Or… not.

«Close-up of Enn'tröpy»

Enn'tröpy: I should have done this myself in the first place.

«Scene fades»

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