«Scene: Xing and Ogvar on Screen 13 of Bright Chaos»

Xing: Finally! The emancipation of XING!
Xing: I'm totally free! I can do WHATEVER I want, with NO ONE holding me back!
Xing: Malgor wanted an ally with Chaos. Drakath NEVER used his Chaos power or resources to wreak havoc.
Xing: Who needs the Chaos Amulet? Pffft. I'll show him what unrestrained Chaos can do.

Ogvar: We need to focus, Xing. Our time here is limited.

Xing: Huh? Why?

Ogvar: I had a counterpart here in the Mirror Realm.
Ogvar: I had to kill him in order to be here myself. Which means… I'm dying, too.

Xing: You KILLED him?

Ogvar: The cause required it. It was a sacrifice worth making.

Xing: I just tossed mine out of the portal. What is WRONG with you?


Xing: Right. We're gonna have to speed this up a bit.

«Scene fades»

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