I'll Be Waiting


«Scene: Bubble holds her cat, Bubble»

Bubble: What… what happened?

Hero: Count Maxius had you under some kind of spell.
Hero: …I'm guessing it was in all that candy he gave you.

Bubble: That… JERK!
Bubble: Come on, I'm done with this stupid party! Let's get out of here!

Count Maxius: Oh, come now. You can't leave YET.
Count Maxius: The Blood Moon has not yet fully risen.
Count Maxius: And when it does… I'll be able to complete my ritual, and return to Lore for good!

Hero: You know we're not going to let that happen.

Count Maxius: Are you going to try to stop me? Alright, then…

«Scene: the exit to the castle opens»

Count Maxius: I'll be waiting.

«Scene fades»

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