I'll Always Be a Hero


«Scene: Shadow Knight Gar defeated»

Shadow Knight Gar: I yield, I yield!

Hero: …if I let you go, are you just going to try to kill me again as soon as my back is turned?

Shadow Knight Gar: Of course not! My lord doesn't want you DEAD.
Shadow Knight Gar: …but yeah, I probably am going to come after you again. Just being honest.

Hero: Yep.

Shadow Knight Gar: He won't stop coming, you know.
Shadow Knight Gar: If you kill me, he'll just send someone else. He'll send an army.
Shadow Knight Gar: He won't stop until he get what he wants. And in the end, he always gets what he wants.

Hero: Yeah, well. Not this time.
Hero: You can crawl right on back through that hole and tell him I said so.

Shadow Knight Gar: You're… letting me go?

Hero: Ugh. YES. Now get out of here before I change my mind.

«Scene: Varga»

Varga: You're probably going to end up regretting that.

Hero: Oh, I'm sure I will.
Hero: But what kind of person do I actually want to BE?
Hero: The kind who kills someone who's stopped trying to fight? I bet Malgor would.
Hero: And that's what makes me different. Isn't it?

Varga: It's why he is my enemy and you are not.
Varga: Remember the choice you made here today, <Hero>.
Varga: Becoming like Malgor is easier than you think.

Hero: Naaaah. Not for me. I'll always be a hero.

Varga: Will you? I hope that's the truth.
Varga: But we don't always know ourselves as well as we think we do.

«Scene fades»

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