I Know My Friends



«Scene: the Hero, a discouraged Voltaire, and Hargoyle in front of the withered Frostval tree»

Hargoyle: …it didn 't work.
Hargoyle: None of it worked.

Aurelio Voltaire: Man, how has this become such a mess?
Aurelio Voltaire: All we wanted to do is share a bit of joy, and look how horribly it's gone!

Hargoyle: Hey, that's right - that IS what got us into this mess!

Aurelio Voltaire: Don't rub it in.

Hargoyle: No - listen! You two were being generous and selfless - you were trying to make people happy! That's the OPPOSITE of naughty. Everything you do is heroic and kind.

Hargoyle: You don't deserve this at ALL!

Hero: Of course we do! Just look at us…
Hero: If we were as innocent as Blizzy and Chilly, then we'd be monsters, too.
Hero: So, why is this happening?

Hargoyle: It's NOT.
Hargoyle: None of this is real… it's all in our heads.
Hargoyle: HE'S in our heads.

«The background fades and is replaced by a rocky wall, and then the heroes vanish»

«Scene: Krampus»

Krampus: How?
Krampus: How have you seen through my illusion? My punishment?
Krampus: The carefully crafted punishment that I made JUST FOR YOU!

«Scene fades»

«Scene: the Hero, Voltaire, and Hargoyle (flying above them) stand on a crystal road in front of Krampus»

Hargoyle: I know my friends! Thats how!
Hargoyle: They may look like villains, but that doesn't mean they're not heroes!

Krampus: Well.
Krampus: That's fine.

«Krampus raises his weapon»

Krampus: I'll just have to punish you the old fashioned way.

«Scene fades»

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