I Felt Her Die...


«Scene: Drakath and Hero in Down Below»

Drakath: Take it from her. Remove the source of her power!

Hero: I don't think I can. Not without

«Hero takes off Anka's heart»


Drakath: Destroy it, <Hero>. Before its power consumes you, too.

Hero: I will! But if it can show me the past…

Drakath: <Hero>…

Hero: I can feel something! I feel…. Oh!
Hero: I feel her, Drakath! The Queen of Monsters.

Drakath: Careful, <Hero>.

Hero: The timeline is… unclear. I think I'm in the past. She's on Lore. She's already been freed.

Drakath: Where is she?

Hero: She's outside her castle. She knows she's taking a risk, exposing herself.
Hero: But she's furious. She's… she's screaming my name. Demanding to confront me.

Drakath: And then?

Hero: And then… then…


Drakath: What is it? What happened?

Hero: I felt her die… and… and I felt myself killing her.

Drakath: So Malgor isn't lying.

Hero: No. Not about this.
Hero: And neither were you.

Anka: <Hero>, I… I'm sorry…
Anka: I couldn't… couldn't fight it.
Anka: I just wanted… to know…

Hero: I know. And I'm sorry, too. I'm sorry I couldn't…
Hero: …save you.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Drakath and Hero on Screen 5 of Back Room»

Drakath: I still think we should destroy this thing.
Drakath: As long as a piece of the Queen still exists, we can never be truly safe.

Hero: I know. But the connection it holds is too valueable.
Hero: Once we've defeated Malgor, I swear to you, I'll smash it myself.
Hero: Until then, the safest place for it is here… with the one person who will never give in to its temptation.

«Scene fades»

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