I Could Destroy You



«Scene: Dage collects the soul of Zeph'gorog into his hand.»

Dage the Evil: You should have left well enough alone!
Dage the Evil: You have severely underestimated my power, and look where it has gotten you.
Dage the Evil: I could destroy you so easily. I could take over this entire realm.

«Close up of the Hero»

Hero: Dage… don't do this.

«Back to Dage»

Dage the Evil: But I've already seen where that path will take me.

«Dage slightly backs from Zeph'gorog»

Dage the Evil: Don't worry, <Hero>.
Dage the Evil: I'm not looking to continue our enmity. I won't KILL Nulgath's guardian.

«Zeph'gorog's soul is inserted and sealed into his own mask»

Dage the Evil: I'll just keep it somewhere safe until Nulgath returns.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Dage and the Hero in front of the SoulForge in the Underworld.»

Dage the Evil: I've recovered the other half of my soul.
Dage the Evil: And I've obtained the contract binding me to Nulgath.
Dage the Evil: I am but one step away from being free of him, for good.

«Close up of the Hero»

Hero: What else do you need?

«Close up of Dage»

Dage the Evil: The Dark Shard… a fragment of my soul that Nulgath had cursed, a conduit for his power over me.
Dage the Evil: Laken stole it some time ago…
Dage the Evil: But I have a feeling it will be making its way back to me very soon.

«Scene fades»

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