I Can't Believe You're Gone


Note: The music in this cutscene was changed.

«Scene: Black screen»

Hero: I can't believe you’re gone.

«Scene fades»
«Scene: Hero kneeling in front of the Blinding Edge of Obsidian stuck in a rock in a forest»

Hero: All of our adventures together…
Hero: All of the memories…
Hero: All of your bad puns.
Hero: If your daughter can’t wield this axe….

«Hero looks up»

Hero: Well, guess it’s time to find out why I’m really here.

«Scene fades»
«Scene: The Hero pulls the Blinding Edge of Obsidian out of the rock and the axe starts sparkling»

Hero: Whoa.
Hero: I can feel your energy….
Hero: You're still here, aren't you… Artix?

«Scene: Ghost Artix appears»

Artix: What you and I stand for, <Hero>, can never die.

«Scene: Hero in front of Artix's ghost»

Hero: ARTIX!

Artix: It is good to see you again, old friend!

Hero: You too! But…what… how…?

Artix: I need you to quest with me one last time.
Artix: You want me to wield you as an axe!?

«Artix looks to the side»

Artix: Actually… no. Can you stick me back in that stone before anyone sees?

Hero: Seriously?

«Artix looks back at the Hero»

Artix: Sorry, friend. You ARE worthy of wielding it. But you are NOT supposed to be in this future.

Hero: Wait… am I dead in this timeline too!?

Artix: If you are the one to defeat this evil and return to your timeline…
Artix: …you will destroy the fabric of reality, and doom the world.
Artix: You must find someone from this future who is worthy of pulling this axe from the stone.

«Hero lowers their head»

Hero: *sighs* I suddenly understand how Merlin must have felt.

«Hero looks back up»

Hero: But if your daughter can't pull it out of the stone, who can?

«Artix looks to the side»

Artix: Well… >_> you know I had more than one child, right?

«Hero points the Blinding Edge of Obsidian at Artix»


«Hero lowers the axe and Artix looks back at them»

Artix: Please accept my final quest, <Hero>… you are this world's only hope.

Hero: But, what do I do!?

«Artix smiles»

Artix: What you and I always do… *smiles* Battle on!

«Artix fades away»
«Scene fades»
«Scene: The Hero puts the Blinding Edge of Obsidian back into the rock»

Hero: I will complete your quest, Artix. I promise.

«Scene fades»

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