«Scene: Hero lying on the ground of a spaceship»

Hero: Huh? What?

Hero: I don't remember falling asleep here…

«Screen pans up to Memet on a barrel»

Memet: Oh, good! You're awake!

«The Hero gets up»

Hero: Memet?! Where am l??

Memet: On my spaceship, of course.

Hero: You have a spaceship now?

Memet: Well. No. It's not MINE. I'm just borrowing it from Zorba.

Hero: Zorba the Bakk? Seriously?

Memet: Hey! It's 0k - we're friends now, after all.
Memet: But I do still owe him some money.
Memet: So I told him I'd do a few runs for him to work some of it off.
Memet: There are these other two guys who owe him money, too, see. BYRO and Dax. Zorba gave me this locator beacon that'll track 'em.
Memet: The beacon says they flew toward the Moglin Run to get away from him - that's one of the most dangerous paths through hyperspace!
Memet: And WE'RE going in after them!

Hero: Oh, no we're not. I did NOT agree to this. Put me back.

Memet: No can do, friendo! We're already in hyperspace!
Memet: And as you know, if we were to just DROP OUT of hyperspace, it would be really-

«The screen shakes and the ship starts moving as the Hero looks around»

Memet: …dangerous.

Hero: We just dropped out of hyperspace, didn't we?

Memet: Yep.
Memet: But hey, look on the bright side!

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Another ship in space»

Memet: I'm pretty sure that's their ship.

«Scene fades»

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