Hyperium Wedding House

Location: Rare House Shop Wedding - J6's Wedding
Price: 2,000 AC

  • First 24 Hours: 1,800 AC
  • After 24 Hours: 500 AC

Rooms: 6
Description: J6 has given you your own version of the Hyperium all decked out in honeymoon decor to celebrate his marriage to Cinazool! Event rare from the 2012 J6/Cinazool wedding!

  • Must have completed the 'Let's Get Filthy' quest.
  • Attempting to walk into the elevator in Room 4 will pop up the message "Vertical Transport Unit disabled for maintenance".
  • In Room 5, by clicking dials 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, imagining they are analog clocks, in that order, you can access the Bounty Hunter Shop.
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