Hydra Lake

Chaos Beast-Level 6 to 10
Home of Chaos Lord Escherion's multi-headed Hydra Chaos Beast!





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Map Name: hydra
Room Limit: 7
Access Points:


  • After defeating the Hydra Heads, you can only access Screen 5 with the Hydra Heads by:
    • Typing /join runix. After the cutscene finishes, the player will be placed in Screen 5.
    • Talking to Dew Drop in Mobius and clicking the "The Hydra" button.
    • Clicking on the Hydra statue on Screen 2 of Museum.
    • Accessing the World Map and choosing "Chiral Valley > Chaos Lord Escherion > Hydra Lake > Boss Battle".
    • Portal in Screen 7 of Relativity.

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