Huntress Valais


Location: Otzi War
Level: 75
Difficulty: 5 stars
Total HP: 750,000

  • Bite: 689-842
  • Stab: 689-842

Temporary Items Dropped:

  • Huntress Valais Defeated (Dropped during the 'Powder Snow' quest)

Items Dropped:


  • Cannot be stunned.
  • From the 6th attack onwards, Huntress Valais can perform special attacks:
    • Slashes with the right claw, dealing around 2,000 magical damage that has a chance to apply Weakness, decreasing the player's All Out by 80% for 15 seconds. Cannot miss or crit.
    • Throws a spear at the player, dealing around 2,000 magical damage and applying Icey Tomb, an 8 second petrify. Cannot miss or crit.
    • Uses the Bite attack, dealing around 2,000 magical damage that will not kill the player, leaving it with at least 1 HP. Cannot miss or crit.

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