Hung Jibs



«Scene: Screen 6 of Yokai Pirate»

Brentan: You won't get away with this, pirate scum!
Brentan: My ship wasn't the only one that reached this island.
Brentan: If you want to keep your hands, release <Hero> and the rest of your prisoners from whatever mind control you have them under!

Ai No Miko: Keep running yer jaw and I'll uh, cleave you to the brisket!
Ai No Miko: Me scallywags, take this landlubber to the brig! Stick'em there until he forgets how to eat!

Brentan: Don't come near me, you scoundrels!

Hero: Let's stop joking around before he passes out. Brentan, calm down for a second!
Hero: I haven't lost my mind and I'm not brainwashed.

Ai No Miko: I am aware of Lord Brentan's history concerning…the leadership issues in Greenguard.
Ai No Miko: Will we be able to trust him?

Hero: Let me explain. Brentan, this is Empress Ai No Miko of the Yokai Isles.

«Brentan stands up»

Brentan: You're the Empress? I'm quite sorry, I didn't recognize you. What are you doing dressed as criminals?

Hero: We're pretending to be pirates kidnapping Ai No Miko's subjects.
Hero: They're descendants of refugees from the Wuji Empire.
Hero: Ships from Wuji arrived to force their return and will wage war if Yokai continues to shelter them.

Ai No Miko: I will not surrender my subjects, but the Yokai Isles are not ready for another major conflict.
Ai No Miko: If Wuji thinks pirates kidnapped their descendants, Yokai can't be held directly responsible.
Ai No Miko: It does seem like our ruse was too effective if a Greenguard Lord leant aid to Wuji.

Brentan: Then…did Victoria know about this?

Ai No Miko: Queen Victoria was one of the first to learn and offer a safe route of passage.
Ai No Miko: I asked that this plan be kept a closely guarded secret, privy to a select few.

Brentan: Then this was why she ordered the noble court to stay away from Yokai's waters.
Brentan: She said she needed time to correspond with the Yokai Empress, I thought she was being indecisive.

Hero: Brentan, when was the last time you talked to the Queen?

Brentan: Not since I began my solo journey. That makes it, hmm a couple of months.

Hero: Did you try to get in contact with her?

Brentan: …No.

Ai No Miko: So you made an assumption, acted on it, and what happened next?

«Brentan bows»

Brentan: My deepest apologies, I commandeered a ship with knights and nobles of like mind.
Brentan: We met with those foreign emissaries, and decided to help them with their plight.
Brentan: With the magic they displayed, I began to have doubts over whether they actually needed aid.

Hero: Does it have something to do with why the waves are silver? I'm feeling nauseous just being near them.

Brentan: The Wuji Navy and their general… They're sailing in on a tide of liquid mercury.

«Scene fades»

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