Humans Are So Stupid!



«Scene: the Hero, Oishii, some Furbles, and a group of heroes at the feast»

Oishii: Aright, everybody… time to dig in!

Gurk: We hope you enjoy the traditional Feebrix dishes we're sharing here today!

Bork: Yes, they are very tasty!

«The heroes eating the feast»

So good!

Memet: GASP! You're not going to have any of my lab meat?
Memet: Coward.

Hero: Hey, I don't see you eating it, either.

Memet: Of course not! I don't eat food, silly. Only nightmares!

«Oishii eats the lab meat»

Oishii: Mmmm!

Oishii: You know, I was a little disappointed we weren't doing turdraken this year. But this stuff tastes…

«Oishii stops eating»

Oishii: …it… tastes so…

«Oishii starts salivating»


«Gurk slides onto the table from the left and opens a monstrous mouth»

Gurk: Ha, ha! Humans are so stupid!

«Bork does the same»

Bork: "We come in peace! Here, eat this meat."
Bork: How gullible can you be?

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Gurk and Bork on the ground with more Furbles»

Ha, ha, ha!
Ha, ha, ha!
Ha, ha, ha!

Chük: It will keep them loyal and complacent until we get everything set up.
Chük: The farm… the slaughterhouse… the packing plant.
Chük: And then… the humans will serve as both our meat and our workers!


Bork: Great work, Gurk!

Gurk: Now, guys. I can't take ALL the credit. That little moglin was a tremendous help!
Gurk: Say, where'd she go, anyway?

«Scene: the Hero looks at Memet in front of the feast table»

Hero: Seriously??

Memet: I didn't know! I swear!

Hero: Yeah. Sure is lucky you didn't eat any of that meat.

Memet: C'mon, you know I wouldn't do this! I'm not EVIL. I'm just… kinda naughty.

Hero: Boy, is that an understatement.
Hero: Oh, come on. We're still friends.

Memet: Yay!

Hero: But you GOTTA help me clean up this mess you made!

«Scene fades»

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