Human 182


«Scene: The Hero stands on the mountain in the Garden, next to the rift at the top»

Hero: Man! What WAS that thing?
Hero: Everything about this place is just… wrong.

«Scene fades»
«Scene: The Hero stands in front of Darkon on his throne»

Darkon: Ah, <Hero>.
Darkon: Thank you for helping with my little, ah… pet problem.
Darkon: Overpopulation can really wreak havoc on an ecosystem.
Darkon: But I think we can take it from here. You should get back to Battleon.

«Scene: Close up of the Hero's face»

Hero: Yeah. I guess I’ve done all I can here.

«Scene: Darkon on his throne»

Darkon: Oh, and <Hero>?
Darkon: …I am sorry you didn’t find who you were looking for.

«Scene fades»
«Scene: Darkon and Fa looking at the fallen experiment that the Hero defeated»

Darkon: <Hero>, if only you knew how close you had been.
Darkon: How did test subject Human 182 fare?

Fa: Much better than the previous subject, Human 181.
Fa: Its Swan Song output shown to be at 12 units away from our goal, an improvement from 35.

Darkon: Using corrupted humans as vessels was the right choice. Their life forces do burn brighter.

Fa: But <Hero> proved to be stronger than either of them.
Fa: Might be worth looking into?

Darkon: Hmm.

«Darkon turns the fallen experiment into a sword while it screams»

Darkon: Yes. perhaps we should.

«Scene fades»

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