Huff, Puff, and Carl

3 Little Wolves Construction Co.
Hi! This is my brother, Huff. And this is my other brother, Puff. And I'm Carl! Together, we're the 3 Little Wolves Construction Co! You want to build a house no enemy can tear down? Then we're you're go-to building crew!

We HAD blueprints for 10 different styles of houses. But then Puff here thought it'd be a good idea to store the blueprints in their "natural habitats". Pffft. Anyways, here's where you can find'em.
Clubhouse: Battle the RiddleLord Golem
Dragonrune: Elemental Master rep shop
Dragonrune Hall: Upgrade the Dragonrune House

Falcontower: Battle Dragon Drakath
Arcangrove: Arcangrove rep shop
Tower of Magic: Upgrade for the Arcangrove house
Seraphic Fortress: Seraphic Gear shop
Citadel Fortress: Murray's shop
Hachiko Hotel: Yokai rep shop

- Huff, Puff, and Carl's Quests
- 3 Little Wolves Houses

Location: Centaur 21


Thanks to Crewcyl.

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