High Priest of the Fire Prime
Young one, you have battled bravely on behalf of my Primes and the others in Etherstorm. I am not so set in my ways, that I cannot admit I was wrong to doubt your abilities. But the battle against Desoloth the Final is not over. Please, in the name of our Primes and our home, finish this clash of dragons!

King Alteon the Balanced has contacted me, telling me of your deeds. I assured him I was well aware that you are a force for Good in Etherstorm and on Lore. He asked that I make sure you fight unharmed, but you do not need MY aid to emerge from battle unscarred.

- Etherstorm Good Merge
- Hs'Sakar's Quests



Thanks to Apus, GustavoKnach, Syudanco, the magic caster, Xia and .Shadow//

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