How to Market Chaos



«Scene: Hero knocks down the Shub'hathrys»

Cemaros: Aww. Bye bye, Shub'hathrys!

Voltaire: And once more, the unknowable horror has become nothing but a mere house item.

Hero: *wheeze*
Hero: Finally! Man, that fight was rough!
Hero: You're not actually going to keep this thing here, are you?

«Close up on Drakath, Cemaros, Hero and Voltaire»

Drakath: Of course. How could I possibly refuse such a generous gift?

Hero: Well, just… try not to touch it again, ok?

Drakath: Wouldn't dream of it.

Cemaros: Not until he's ready to unleash its horror upon an unsuspecting world.

«Drakath looks at Cemaros»

Drakath: Cemaros! You're not supposed to tell them that!

«Cemaros looks away»

Cemaros: Sorry, boss!

Voltaire: Hey, sounds like a good time to me. Give me a call when you're going to do that?

Cemaros: You know it!

Voltaire: Man! This really was some of my best work! I have got to bring a crew back here to capture all of this majesty on film!

Cemaros: Gotcha covered! I already hired a marketing crew to prepare for the boss's inevitable return to power!

«Scene fades»
«Scene: Gothic Castlekeeping Magazine appears on Screen»
«Scene fades»
«Scene: A picture of Drakath in the magazine with the title "Bad Boy or Crazed Maniac? Whatever! We Love It!"
«Scene fades»
«Scene: A picture of Cemaros, Drakath and Voltaire next to the Shub'hathrys deity»

«Scene fades»

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