How Could You? (2)


«Scene: Mirror Drakath, Good Xing and Hero standing next to each other in the throne room»

Mirror Drakath: How could you betray me like this, Gravelyn?
Mirror Drakath: We were allies… we were friends!

«Scene: Gravelyn kneeling down, with her sword in the ground»

Gravelyn the Good: I am still your friend! I don't want to fight you.

Mirror Drakath: You just want my amulet…

Gravelyn the Good: Please… just hand it over, Drakath, and he will leave this realm alone!

Mirror Drakath: For now.
Mirror Drakath: But he would destroy the other Realm… and everyone in it.
Mirror Drakath: And then, when he was finished there, he would turn his sights back on us.

«Scene: Gravelyn raises her head up»

Gravelyn the Good: We don't know that! We don't know WHAT he would do.

Mirror Drakath: But you're willing to risk it.

Gravelyn the Good: No! I just… I just wanted to keep our realm safe.

Mirror Drakath: By waging war on your own people.

«Scene: Close up on Gravelyn»

Gravelyn the Good: If that's what it takes.

«Scene: Mirror Drakath, Good Xing and Hero looking at Gravelyn»

Hero: What will you do with her?

Mirror Drakath: I still hope I can get through to her.
Mirror Drakath: For now, she will remain in my dungeon, where she can't do any more harm.

«Scene: Gravelyn kneeling before Mirror Drakath, Hero and Good Xing»

Gravelyn the Good: I am sorry, Drakath. <Hero>.
Gravelyn the Good: I hope someday you'll understand why I did what I did.

Hero: I hope I never have to.

«Scene fades»
«Scene: Xing and Malgor in a throne room»
«Scene fades»

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