Hovercraft Goes Down


«Hero and mutants at Hovership's wreckage»

PLINK: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5… 6! Everyone made it out! You did it!
PLINK: But as you can see, the alarms are all sounding now, which means Alydriah will be here very soon!
PLINK: You'd better go. As strong as you are, I don't you're ready for that fight.

Nightwraith: We hear you, Plink. Beams incoming.

«Mutants and Hero get beamed out »

Hero: Hey, guys! This time, could you try to set me down a little more-

«Hero gets back to Ruins of Great Gilead with a hard landing»

Hero: -gently.

«Charfade speaks to Hero via hologram»

Charfade: Sorry about that! You get used to it.

Hero: Wait! Where are the Beasts?

Charfade: Don't worry, we're working on finding a permanent home for them. They'll be safe.

Hero: Good, good… so, what now?

Charfade: Nightwraith and I have more work that needs to be done. You are done… for now! We will be in touch!

Hero: Wait!… Could you at least teleport me somewhere to closer to where I need to be? Yulgar's Inn, maybe?

«Hero looks around»
«Fire elementals begin getting closer to Hero»

Hero: Charfade?

«More Fire Elementals get closer to Hero»

Hero: …Nightwraith?

«Scene fades»

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