House Fishing Gear

Location: Faith - Greenguard West
Note: Must have completed the 'Favor for Faith' quest to access this shop.

Name Rank Price
Wall_Table.png Fishing Plaque N/A 1,000 Gold
Wall_Table.png Fishing Rack N/A 7,500 Gold
Wall_Table.png Ghostuna Plaque Rank 9 Fishing 40,000 Gold
Wall_Table.png Gill Knight Plaque Rank 9 Fishing 45,000 Gold
Wall_Table.png Somean Lionfish Plaque Rank 7 Fishing 35,000 Gold
Floor_Table.png Aquarium N/A 5,500 Gold
Floor_Table.png Bait Bucket Rank 2 Fishing 300 Gold
Floor_Table.png Barrel of Fishing Dynamite Rank 10 Fishing 50,000 Gold
Floor_Table.png Bobber Box Rank 3 Fishing 1,200 Gold
Floor_Table.png Fishing Cooler Rank 8 Fishing 12,500 Gold
Floor_Table.png Fishing Hook Rank 6 Fishing 12,000 Gold
Floor_Table.png Stack of Dynamite acsmall.png Rank 4 Fishing 150 AC
Floor_Table.png Tackle Box (House Item) Rank 5 Fishing 5,600 Gold

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