Hot Stuff



«Scene: Beleen and Swaggy standing next to the Wheel of Love, with the backstage cam screen floating in the air above them»

Swaggy: Looks like all of our contestants have made it past Stage 1!

«The silhouette in backstage cam waves»

Beleen: But that was the easy part. Stage 2 will be much more challenging!

Swaggy: And what have we got in store for them in Stage 2, Beleen?

Beleen: Oh, say, I don't know!
Beleen: We'll have to spin the Wheel of Love and find out!

«Beleen spins the Wheel of Love, which stops on "Hot Stuff"»

Beleen: Hot stuff! I like the sound of that - spicy!

Swaggy: Ha ha! Let's see if our contestants like it as much as you do!

«Scene fades»

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