«Scene: Mahou's anguish turns into a cloud»

Mahou: It has always been difficult, seeing the truth in everything.
Mahou: After my wife died, my view of the world completely changed.
Mahou: Whatever my lantern shone on, I could only see its inevitable decay.
Mahou: When I looked at Malgor, the lantem showed me a hero who had been broken by a tide of constant war.
Mahou: He was everything I had been feeling, but amplified a hundredfold.
Mahou: I saw… myself.
Mahou: No one ever seemed to understand, before, when I talked about the way I felt.
Mahou: But he did. He could already see it, too.

«The cloud starts glowing»

Mahou: What I needed..

«An image of Mahou appears in the cloud»

Mahou: …was to find a bit of hope.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: the Hero and Mahou in the forest of the ghost nexus»

Mahou: Maybe that's what he needs, too.

Hero: Malgor?? I think he might be juuuust a little bit past that point.

Mahou: Some might have said the same about me.
Mahou: Maybe together, we can find a way to show him the truth.

Hero: And if not?

Mahou: Then I will help you stop him.
Mahou: If we don't, there will be no hope left.

«Scene fades»

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