Adeptus Kathooli
Ah, welcome to the feast. Have you come to feed on the generous offerings of the Depths? We are Holothurian, thirty creatures fused into one. We were
enlightened from feeding on the limbs of Kathool, the God of the Depths. Kathool is formless, the embodiment of the Depths themselves, but a fraction of its form manifests in these dark and cold corners. This disaster, a ghastly miracle, waits here to test your mettle and will to survive.

We are Adeptus Kathooli, but we do not worship the God of the Depths in the same way that the land dwellers bow to the Avatars or other gods. To survive is to take, and make others suffer so that you may thrive. I once writhed at the bottom of the food chain, but feeding on the Depths' manifested limbs gave me new thoughts and sentience. This new will spreads, widening Kathool's influence in exchange for sustenance and new life.

The God of the Depths manifests as organic matter in dark and cold corners. We feed on this offering, and the mindless gain thoughts, the ability to learn, and the ability to feel euphoric suffering. In rare moments, Kathool manifests in the mind of an individual, seeded with eldritch knowledge, the need to crawl into the depths and emerge as a beacon. Together, we shall evolve and conquer the crucible of natural selection.

This corner of the sea floor holds great significance. It is the place where Kathool was reborn, and manifestations occur frequently. How and why this happened matters little to the Adeptus. Our God of the Depths is the sustenance from which we feed and evolve. This will prevent the God from ever emerging as that foolish Water Avatar did, but it is pleased by our spread and how it shakes the Balance of Lore.

- Holothurian's Quest
- Kathool's Chest

Location: God of the Depths Bonus Zone
Note: Also see Adeptus Kathooli.


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