Hollowborn Shadow Shaper (Legend)

Location: Artist Showcase: Lae - Artist Alley
Price: 50,000 Gold
Sellback: 12,500 Gold
Rarity: Awesome Rarity
Description: A fallen mage, now in servitude of the darkness and what lies there … A shadow manipulator who fuses them with his own mana, able to create and shape unique weapons, and strangely resistant minions. It is not common to see him in daylight, but hope never to find him in the darkness of night.

  • Glows are Color Custom to Eye Color.
  • Inscriptions on the belts translate to "HALLAWBARN".
  • Inscription on the neck translates to "LAE".
  • Also see Hollowborn Shadow Shaper (AC).

Thanks to Nicres and Taryth.

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