Hodan Cornelis

Last Heir to Cornelis
It's in my blood to try to restore Cornelis to its former glory, but Chaos has twisted it and gargoyles walk the streets. If you can help be find the missing Cornelis Title then you can keep the rest of my family treasures that you find in the Cornelis Family Vault.

I am the last surviving heir to Cornelis. Long ago, it was my family who made peace with the fay at the end of the Faerie War and my family who was charged with protecting our part of the Runix Cube which Anise tells me could be found inside somewhere.

Some horrible fate fell upon my family and the other inhabitants of Cornelis, and they were forced to abandon the city ages ago. I have been wandering the land and decided to return from my travels but I discovered that I was the only member of my family still alive AND that these gargoyles has recently appeared.

If I can find where my family hid the Cornelis Title then I can prove who I am and ask King Alteon and Empress Gravelyn's forces to help reclaim it and start undoing what Escherion's Chaos Magic has done. I hope that someday people will return here and bring the white walls of Cornelis back to life.

- Hodan Cornelis' Quests

After completing Hodan Cornelis' Quests:

Last Heir to Cornelis
Well done! You've managed to open the enchanted chest left by my family. Everything inside is yours. If you happen to find my family's magic mirror please let me know. Its yours to keep but it was a peace gift from the faeries and I'd like to see it just once. Thanks again for helping me get the Cornes Title!

I've gotten word from the Alliance representatives here in Chiral Valley. The Alliance forces are already occupied with all that is going on but they have agreed to send supplies to help rebuild and extra workers when they can. We're on the way toward rebuilding and it's all thanks to you.

- Runesweeper

Location: Cornelis Ruins


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