The Foreseer
I'm sorry, I don't think we should chat just yet, you should talk to my attendant back there in the cave, he'll get you into the loop of things!

- OK

After completing the 'A Guilty Conscience' quest:

The Foreseer
Hiya! You're that adventurer, no? Your name is… Not important! I've heard all about you from my grumpy attendant in the cave back there. Don't worry - I'm not as stiff as him. I won't bite, I promise! But since you're around, think you could help me with a bit here?

Who are you?
Ahhh, that question is kind of… a hassle to answer. Let's just say no one of consequence. That sounds a bit concerning, you say? Surely not! It's nothing to worry about, really. If you want another answer, I'm a friend of a friend!

You're asking the wrong person for info on those people, for sure. I'm not actually a member, but let's say I owe them a favor or two. Working with me will still get you some cred with them, probably.

- Himi's Quests
- Diabolical Rep Shop

After completing the 'Summoning and Sealing' quest:

The Foreseer
Thanks for lending a hand, friend! It's horrifying to think about just how many of those abominable creatures that are still lurking out there. As long as I'm around, I'll keep doing my best to get rid of them. I hope I can count on your help, too!

- Diabolical Rep Shop

Location: Broken Woods


Thanks to Bad.

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