The Foreseer
I'm sorry, I don't think we should chat just yet, you should talk to my attendant back there in the cave, he'll get you into the loop of things!

- OK

After completing the 'A Guilty Conscience' quest:

The Foreseer
Hiya! You're that adventurer, no? Your name is… Not important! I've heard all about you from my grumpy attendant in the cave back there. Don't worry - I'm not as stiff as him. I won't bite, I promise! But since you're around, think you could help me with a bit here?

Who are you?
Ahhh, that question is kind of… a hassle to answer. Let's just say no one of consequence. That sounds a bit concerning, you say? Surely not! It's nothing to worry about, really. If you want another answer, I'm a friend of a friend!

You're asking the wrong person for info on those people, for sure. I'm not actually a member, but let's say I owe them a favor or two. Working with me will still get you some cred with them, probably.

- Himi's Quests
- Diabolical Rep Shop

After completing the 'Summoning and Sealing' quest:

The Foreseer
Thanks for lending a hand, friend! It's horrifying to think about just how many of those abominable creatures that are still lurking out there. Venture the path ahead, and brace for what lies beyond the path.

- To LostVilla
- Diabolical Rep Shop

Location: Broken Woods


Thanks to Bad.

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