High Adept Thaumus

Firestorm Blazebinder Adept
You look like pretty hot stuff, Hero! Hah! That's a joke I tell to melt the ice. Blaze Binders control the power of fire and darkness; we burn our enemies to a crisp and bind their souls into service. I sense the fires of strength burning inside you. In fact… I think YOU could become a Blazebinder… Possibly. It is not easy, but you could do it.

I serve the Firestorm Onslaught, led by Lord Tyndarius, chosen by the Queen of Monsters herself. I signed the Burning Contract and vowed that might magic and might were his and hers to command. And I have grown stronger in their service. We are about to dominate the Ring of Fires and then…. we shall burn through the rest of the world! With my flames, I will show all who dare to question the queen what it means to know FEAR! *cough* But right now, I'm here in Battleon to recruit. What do you say, my friend?

Blaze Binder Class
If you become a Blaze Binder, you must meet these requirements:
1) Be able to use Pyromancy to some degree.
2) Know the Darkness. Rank 10 Doomwood reputation is required.
3) Be familiar with Embersea, its people, and creatures. Rank 10 Embersea reputationis required.
Merge the Darkness and Flame Sigils from the Pyromancer Shop to begin training!

- AC Pyromancer Sigils
- Blaze Binder AC Class
- Blaze Binder Rep Class
- Pyromancer Sigils

- To Embersea

Location: Battleon


Thanks to Tristyn.

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