High Adept Caustus

Firestorm Blazebinder Adept
Welcome to The Forge! If you are not yet able to quest your way through the gauntlet, you can still try your hand at defeating the Firestorm Onslaught's greatest warriors! Becoming a Blazebinder may help you - you're guaranteed to critically BURN your opponents to the ground. Blaze Binders control the power of fire and darkness, and have been known to burn their enemies to a crisp and bind their souls into service.

There are many great warriors in the Firestorm Gauntlet, none so fearsome as Tyndarius himself. Those in The Forge have been through a trial by fire… literally!

Blaze Binder Class
If you to become a Blaze Binder, you must meet these requirements:
1) Be able to use Pyromancy to some degree. (Must have Pyromancer Class in Inventory with at least 1 Class Point on it)
2) Know the Darkness. Rank 10 Doomwood reputation is required.
3) Be familiar with Embersea, its people, and creatures. Rank 10 Embersea reputation is required.
Merge the Darkness and Flame Sigils from the Pyromancer Shop to begin training!

- Blaze Binder AC Class
- Blaze Binder Rep Class
- AC Pyromancer Sigils
- Pyromancer Sigils

- High Adept Caustus' Quests

Location: Firestorm Forge


Thanks to Tristyn.

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