Hiding The Artifacts


«Scene: Hero and Zuthier in front of the balance scale.»
«Zuthier raises her spear and summons a tornado in front of the balance scale.»

Hero: That should be everything! What's the problem?

Zuthier: I…. I'm not sure. Something is reacting to the magic… making it go crazy!

«Screen zooms in on Hero.»
«Hero's looks to the left.»

Hero: There! Look!

«Screen zooms in to the bottom of the balance scale.»
«Purple tentacles surround the bottom of the balance scale.»

«Screen moves back to Zuthier and Hero»

Zuthier: A chaotic tentacle! We've got to stop it or else the protection spell will be chaorrupted!

Hero: Zuthier…. your spear!

«Zuthier threw her spear at the Chaotic Tentacles and the tornado catches it and throws it back to the ground.»

Hero: That's perfect!

«Zuthier looks at Hero like he is crazy.»

Zuthier: Perfect!? I missed it!

Hero: I've got this.

«Hero runs and jumps on the spear and flies into the Chaotic Tentacle destroying it.»

Zuthier: … I checked the spell a third time. The Chaos didn't leave any trace on the protection spells.

«Hero rubs his head.»

Hero: Good. I'd hate to pull that jump off again.

«Hero stops rubbing his head.»

Zuthier: Thank you, Hero. The Astrium Concord has allowed me to offer you special rewards from us as well as the Solaris Knights and Lunaris Sentinels.
Zuthier: We hope that we can count on you to keep our secret?

Hero: Of course. So long, Zuthier. Good luck protecting the Sol and Luna.

«The Balance Scale/Artifacts disappear.»
«Screen fades.»

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