Displays a random dialogue from the list below.

Derp Moglin
What color is a mirror?

The fortune you seek is in another cookie.

Is the cake REALLY a lie?

Do you think ants get annoyed when heroes go to their picnics?

Two days from now, tomorrow's boss fight will be yesterday's.

Do frogzards think in ribbits?

A necromancer is just a healer who procrastinated for too long.

A moglin is just a friend you haven't met.

When you fight ultra boss, always wear the brown pants.

Where does glitter come from?

Is anyone just ever WHELMED?

Bad wolf… Why did I say that? Are there bad wolves here?

If winter comes, can moglins be far behind?

Sunshine on my fur is like a hug from the world.

Don't eat the paper.

Nothing is on FIRE. Fire is on THINGS.

Look before you leap. Or bring a potion.

A foolish moglin listens to his heart. A wise moglin listens to the wishing well.

Don't blink.

I like Twig. Twig likes fish. Do fish like me?

A friend asks only for your time, not your rares.

A ton of moglins is really just about 50 moglins.

How big does a spoon have to be before it becomes a shovel?

Don't even blink.

Don't panic.

Is anyone ever just WHELMED?

- Herp's Quest

Location: NibbleOn


Thanks to ShatteredReality.

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