HeroSmash Gear


Name Price
Dagger_Table.png Dual Cyan Zappers raresmall.png 11,000 Gold
Dagger_Table.png Dual Red Zappers raresmall.png 11,000 Gold
Gun_Table.png Cyan Zapper legendsmall.png 9,000 Gold
Gun_Table.png Red Zapper legendsmall.png 9,000 Gold
Mace_Table.png Anchor legendsmall.png 8,000 Gold
Mace_Table.png The Anchor raresmall.png 8,000 Gold
Staff_Table.png Pole-lamp 10,000 Gold
Armor_Table.png HeroSmash Shirt acsmall.png 0 AC
Helmet_table.png Lion Mask legendsmall.png raresmall.png 10,000 Gold
Helmet_table.png Shark Bite legendsmall.png raresmall.png 10,000 Gold
Cloak_Table.png Monkey on your Back 8,000 Gold

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