Hero vs Infernal


«Scene: The Hero stands in the throne room of ShadowFall, holding the soul crystal.»

Hero: Gravelyn! I have the soul crystal! Let's get this thing moving!
Hero: …ahhhh, crap.

«Screen changes to a wider view of the throne room, showing Gravelyn and Lord Balax'el.»

Lord Balax'el: Ah, <Hero>. I was hoping I would see you again.

Hero: I remember you. I kicked your butt in Darkovia.
Hero: You looking for a rematch?

«Screen zooms in on Lord Balax'el and Gravelyn.»

Lord Balax'el: I am. And I'll win this time.

«Lord Balax'el reveals his wings.»

Lord Balax'el: As you can see, my Queen has made me more powerful than I was the last time we met.
Lord Balax'el: This time, you won't win so easily.

«Screen moves to the Hero.»

Hero: Hah! Maybe not.
Hero: But I'll still win!

«The Hero charges forward.»

«Scene fades.»

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