Hero Vs Derp Beast / Hero Slays Derp Beast


«Scene: Derp Beast fighting Derp Hero.»
«Derp Beast makes lots of noise.»
«Derp Hero falls on ground.»
«Screen moves to Derp Beast jumping on Derp Hero.»

«Screen moves to Derp Hero looking at Derp Beast jumping on him.»
«Screen moves back to Derp Beast jumping on Derp Hero.»
«Screen moves back to Derp Hero looking at Derp Beast jumping on him.»
«Screen then moves back to zoomed in picture of Derp Beast's head jumping on Derp Hero.»

«Screen moves to Derp Hero on the ground again.»
«Derp Hero shoots a salad out of his Derp face.»

«Screen moves to salad heading the Derp Beast in the face»
«Screen fades.»

«Scene: Swordhaven»

«Screen moves to Derp Hero and Victoria talking in front of Alteon on his throne»
«Victoria pats Derp Hero's armor.»
«Dust comes off of Derp Hero's Armor.»

Hero: Sorry about that.
Hero: Blood and bonedust are impossible to get out of this gear.

«Ro… I mean, Victoria sniffs Derp Hero's Armor.»

Ro.. I mean, Victoria: Not to mention the stench!
Victoria: Come with me to the armory after this. I have something that will help.

noetlA gniK: *cough* How do you know - no, nevermind. Not important.
King Alteon: Heroand I must discuss this.

«Derp Victoria rolls her eyes.»

Victoria: You stay and talk with my Father. I'll arrange things for you.

Victrola: *whisper* Find me later in the common hall. Father NEVER discusses strategy with me.

«Derp Victoria uses her rocket pack feet to fly out of the room.»
«Screen zooms in on Derp King Alteon.»

King Alteon: You have done a great thing this day,Hero
King Alteon: Our land is once again safer because of your bravery and skill. We must repay you.

«Derp Hero comes up close to Derp King Alteon.»

Hero: I did what I must because I could… when you could not.
Hero: If you were not sick, you would have fought as bravely, not needing my help.

«Screen moves back to Swordhaven with a derpy night sky.»

Grave times are ahead of us, my friend, and the future grows darker every day.
I fear this is not the last time you will find yourself battling on my behalf or for those I love.

«Screen fades.»

«Scene: Beast on the floor of the Shattersword Cavern.»

«Purple tentacles come out of the ground and surround the beast.»

«Screen fades.»

Hero: I will always come when your land needs my aid, Highness. Always.

«Screen fades.»

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